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DeBorah Powell- 

DeBorah's Designs Made with Love fashions has been a passion since she was little girl.  In early 2016 DeBorah blended her sewing skills, art aptitude and business savvy and became a Fashion Designer.  She enjoys designing and sewing women dresses, tops, pants, jackets, skirts and accessories to match such as scarves, headbands and tams.  Her goal is to get back to men's fashions early 2018.  DeBorah's fashions are now on display at the boutique.  The clients who have purchased her garments are excited and vey well pleased with the style and quality of her designs.  

Chrystal Burrell Luster - 

Began sewing at a very young age, with formal training at Emily Griffith Opportunity School.  She enjoys learning new techniques to apply to the garments she creates and she keeps up with new techniques by taking classes from various independent sewing educators.  Chrystal is one of the founding members of Bella Designers and currently serves as President.  They grew out of  the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers, a national sewing organization that existed in Denver, CO under the leadership of Ernestine Stovall for more than 50 years.  

Marcia Daily - 

Marcia was 5 years old when she took cloth of any kind and drew designs on it using crayons, sewing by hand, skirts for herself.  Marcia was inspired by her mother who was a seamstress herself that began her craft as a seamstress.  Marcia continued her training through the Denver Opportunity School and other individual fashion designers throughout her career.  Her memberships have been with the National Association of Fashion and Accessories Designers, Inc., (NAFAD), Sewing Referral Network, and Tactile.  Marcia is currently a member of Bella Women and Bela Designers.    

Latest News

Working along side with onsite designers, Fashion Designer students will also work closely with clients exhibiting unique designs for specific needs.  This allows opportunities to educate clients helping develop personal styles, giving a truly unique boutique experience. ‚Äč


Filetta's Couture Boutique also exhibits a unique concept of runway shopping with RED CARPET runway fixture, allowing our clients to model designer and Ready-to-Wear ( RTW) garments for immediate feedback.  Once a design is selected a PROFESSIONAL runway photo will be provided as a thank you gift.  Our clients will not only walk away with an amazing shopping experience with beautiful designs but also with a professional photo to top off their experience.   Filetta's will also utilize the runway modeling experience semi-annually with fashion shows, exhibiting latest and hottest designs both locally and nationally.  


Chrystal Burrell Luster

DeBorah Powell

Marcia Daily